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Hi this is shabbir from Kolkata west Bengal. Happy to share this website that furnishes a lot of information about small businesses, shops and services which is being carried out by you for a long period of time.


Time to time we create a campaign and offer free post ads that will allow you to create free ads in our website and take your unique link, this link will help you to share with your concerned one and can also attach a pdf file format link with the provided button. So do not waste your time and connect with my fan page in face book, just search go4page and recommend us and like us so that you would not miss any upcoming offer.



Demand of the hour

Since, it is the need of the hour to highlight/promote yourself/your business at personal/professional & social levels and it is very important for all to publish their professional page link or business website in order to stay in the race & compete. We provide such services at reasonable cost to expand/promote your business, services and products on various digital/social platforms so that your employers/customers may reach you with minimal effort and understand the type of services/products that you are going to offer/provide.

Promote Work

We know that majority of people generally use smart phones nowadays and they mostly do their shopping from online stores like Alibaba , Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many such similar platforms because of shortage/lack of time. As most of the customers buy from such business giants without verifying much at local market about the pricing & quality of products they are buying. The business houses selling their products online keep growing & get more consumers & profit from the market compared to small business houses unable to promote their products properly.

Go Few Year Back

Till a few years ago it was not very necessary or important to publish or promote any type of page over internet but with changing employment/consumer behavior and the advent of online recruitment/marketing came the era of profile management/development and business promotion over the internet/website & through various social media platforms such as Blog, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Youtube etc.